So the other day I was talking with my wife and thought to myself, we don’t really need to put up with the super bright glare when the sun is setting in our yacht. There must be a better solution. So we went over a few different options. The first thing that came to mind when covering the windows, of course, was to just use some sort of curtain or a blackout shade to prevent the sun rays from entering in through the boat window. Luckily, we remembered that A friend of ours actually had their boats window is all tinted by a local window tinting service in Hamilton Ontario. Now we are a little bit of a drive away from there but it wasn’t an issue out we decide to tell her vehicle there. I figured we could find somewhere closer but I called about 25 different places and nobody had ever tinted my type of windows in about before. This made it a little uncomfortable for me to trust somebody to come out and get the job done properly. There are some unique conditions when both using and storing about that makes the window film react in different ways so it’s important that you find somebody that knows what they’re doing.

I definitely recommend that you try getting your soul tainted instead of some of the awful curtain or screen options that are the alternative to this method. Adding a 3M tint not only makes it more comfortable as it reduces he but it is also safer to be steering your boat without any severe glare. In most Marines you’ll end up storing your boat and maybe not the best conditions possible. So I suggest with tinting you always go with the Best possible windshield tinting option. You want to choose a window film that cuts down on the terrible UV rays that can cause cancer to your skin. And of course, don’t forget to wear sunscreen. Something else I should mention is something you might not think about, but the tint could actually prevent the window from shattering into large pieces and injuring you.

Finding boat tinters in Ontario

I also was able to make a stop at my favorite diner on King Street in Hamilton Ontario so the trip was very much worth it and the wait time. This summer will be starting out in Lake Ontario doing a quick to her until June 22. After that will be heading over to Lake Uri and cruising all the way down through Southern Ontario Side of the water. By July will be going north through Lake Huron and spending some time at a cottage with friends. Will be sure to add some pictures for the club. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with our groups of vents. We have met so many amazing people along the way and our journeys on the water and we would really like to use both this site and our Facebook group to continue growing our network of friends and other boaters in Ontario.

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