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Having pests on any property that belongs to you is a nuisance and boats are no exception. Usually, boat owners don’t have to worry about typical home pests like cockroaches and bed bugs, but there are pests like termites and spiders to worry about and we do have to deal with pest birds.

Thanks to the guys at pest control markham ontario, here are some tips to make sure your boat is pest-proof:

  • Ensure cleanliness – this is the obvious one and that’s why it’s first. Most pests have no reason to enter your boat if you don’t have any traces of food laying around.
  • Seal all food and drink – any food on your boat should be in a sealed container and well out-of-reach of any potential intruders.
  • Use bird pest deterrentsthere are several tools you can buy and place on your boat that are specifically for keeping birds away. These include steel bird spikes, plastic and stainless steel “bird spiders”, and decorated bird repellers that work similar to scarecrows.
  • Have your boat inspected – many pest control companies will come check out your boat for pests and potential pest attraction issues for a nominal fee, or sometimes even for free

As with most things in life, it’s easier (or at least cheaper) to prevent a problem than it is to fix it, so use these simple tips to help keep your boat free of pests this season.

We’ve had an extended winter in Ontario, but boat season is finally upon us. We here at Big Boaters of Ontario wish you a happy, healthy, and (hopefully) long 2016 summer boating season.

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Robert Lewis

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